Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Rocking Chair for a Wheelchair!

An outreach team in a local neighborhood encountered an elderly gentleman in a motorized wheelchair and asked him why he was in it. They came to understand that he had severe asthma and chronic COPD, a respiratory disease that made it exceptionally difficult for the older gentleman to breathe and therefore, walk. He could walk, but with great difficulty and only a few steps. The team told him of the Kingdom of God and asked if they could please pray for him. He said yes.

As they prayed, an unusual anointing came on the man and he reported that he felt what could be described as a “swirling” over his head and he felt “all light” like power was flowing through his body. That day, he didn’t try anything new, but over the next couple weeks, as they entered the neighborhood, the teams were greeted by this man telling them of all the new things that he could do as a result of his progressive healing. Now, he doesn’t need the chair at all and the team bought him a rocking chair instead of his motorized wheelchair! His promise is to give it up to be hung on our church wall as a token of God’s healing power!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Afternoon Healing Explosion!

*Editors Note: This is the amazing report of an afternoon out preaching the Gospel from a young man in our church who is 14 years old! The healings and miracles were very impressive, but as you can tell by the tone of his report, are a normal part of his life and to be expected!

Received from Sam Nicholson (Age 14):

Healed of Stroke Effects, Out of Wheelchair!
This guy had a stroke and was in a wheelchair so we prayed and he started moving his arms around and said he couldn't do that before so he stood up and started walking and walked to his car!

Broken Hip Healed, Gives Up Cane!
One guy got healed of a broken hip and didn't need his cane anymore.

Partial Blindness Healed!
One guy was partially blind in both eyes and he got healed instantly.

Broken Ankle Healed!
A guy with a broken ankle got healed and we prophesied to his friend and he gave his life to Jesus. Two other guys gave their lives to Jesus and everyone felt the glory.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where Did The Cysts Go?

Received from Ryan Lawson:

Recently on an outreach to an Atlanta area project, we encountered a young lady and after asking if she needed healing, we found out that she had several sebaceous cysts under her arm. She could barely let her arms fall to her side it was so painful and when asked, rated her pain at a 10 on a 1-10 pain scale, indicating that it was severely painful. We spoke to her of the Kingdom of God and told her that there are no cysts in Heaven and asked if we could pray. As we prayed, the manifest Presence of God overshadowed her (and us!). We asked her to check it out and to her utter SHOCK there was NO PAIN! She probed and checked the area and couldn't even find the cysts!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Healed of Salmonella Poisoning!

Received from Cara Montes:

A friend of mine, a mother of 6 children, had her two month old baby boy, admitted into the hospital on the 23rd of last week due to an infection in his bloodstream. They determined two days ago that it was salmonella. After prayer, the next culture, which was taken yesterday, came back NEGATIVE for any infection or salmonella and the baby is being released tomorrow. PRAISE JESUS! To God Be the Glory!

Cyst Vanishes During Worship!

Received from Toni Mcallister:

During worship I heard, "Feel to see if your cyst is there" I did and didn't feel anything but I didn't care because I was kind lost in worship but check this out, I have had a cyst on my left hip right under the skin about the size of the tip of my pinky finger since I was a teenager and it was noticeable and irritating! I asked the Doctor to remove it but since it wasn't cancerous he said leave well enough alone...so I did.

Ha-Ha! I just looked at it and there is a little pink spot and dimple type mark not a pushed out hard cyst! It's gone! It wasn't painful before or anything, I just hated it! It was ugly to me! Its gone! O.M.G! I love Him! I think people live with their stuff for soooo long they just kinda forget about it, I did? JESUS IS KING over my body!!!

Hospital HEAL-A-THON!

Received from Asha Martinez:

- A man with vision impairment due to scar tissue in eye begins to have improvement in vision!

- A woman with hearing aid is able to hear nearly the same as the other ear!

- A man in an electric wheelchair with bad back and knee pain – pain free!

- A woman who had very limited mobility of arm due to stroke regained full mobility of arm, her friends were amazed!

- A woman who had arthritic knees no longer needed to lean on someone to help her walk!

- A woman at bus stop has bad hip, knee problems, nerve pain in toe – all pain gone! She later does a cartwheel and becomes our "PR" agent and brings others to us who need to be healed!

- A man with pneumonia who had weakness and painful aches in back and legs, get up starts walking and becomes pain free, regains strength!

- A man approaches us after seeing healing of two others for his own healing and his pain from toe infection becomes pain free then he gets saved!

- A man with walker and pins in his back -- becomes pain free, able to bend over without pain, even goes for a jog with one of the team members… he says, "I feel good! I just need to fold this thing up and carry it!"

- One team member starts preaching to people across the street that Jesus is here and healing people… One lady with an L5 and another back problem with shooting pain down legs becomes pain free, able to bend over, starts to shake a bit and tells the guy watching nearby, "This is for real!" She even missed her bus just to receive prayer and later walked on her own for the next bus instead of waiting!

- A woman with effects of stroke, leaned to one side, diabetes, terrible pain because of circulation problems due to diabetes – becomes pain free, walking nearly straight-up without the lean, lets us have her cane and her cigarettes after we pray for her to be set free from them.

Man with Destroyed Knee, Gets Healing & BOWS the Knee!

Received from Sarah Nicholson:

Me and my team went down to Woodruff Park near Grady Hospital. When we got there, we started talking to this guy in a wheelchair, Cornelius, who said he had undergone knee surgery a couple months ago and said that it was still torn up. We told him that Jesus is KING over knee pain and asked if we could get him healed. He said sure" so we prayed once, and the pain decreased. We asked if we could pray one more time and he was fine with that also. We prayed and immediately he hopped up, started walking around, bending his knee back and forth, doing whatever he could to test it, and NO PAIN!!! He even gave us his wheelchair cause he said he didn't need it anymore! The best part is that after he got healed, he knelt down on his previously hurt knee, and gave his life to Jesus!! YEEEAH!